Black Therapists in Houston and The Dallas-Fort Worth Area

As someone who is in need of therapy… ASAP!  I realize that I’m probably not the best person to write about this topic. Then again maybe I am because I can definitely share why I stopped going to my therapist and other factors that kept me away from my sessions.

In the black community, when it comes to seeking help for our mental health, I’m sure we have all heard one of these statements at least once:

  • “What goes on in this house, stays in this house.”
  • “You don’t need therapy, You need Jesus!”
  • “Black people just don’t go to therapy. It’s for crazy people.”

This negative perception of mental health therapy in the black community is the reason why many of us shy away from it. Many of us, especially black men, are afraid of being vulnerable. Until we tear down these negative constructs that we were raised on, the black community will never learn the beauty and freedom of being vulnerable. 

Personally, I sought out therapy because as a young adult I realized just how dysfunctional my family and I were when it came to expressing our emotions and communicating with each other. Now the factors that held me back from attending my sessions were, like most people, I was just too busy with school and work and I couldn’t find the time to attend my sessions. Eventually, it also became a financial burden, so I just stopped going. What I realized is that when you decide to go to therapy, it requires some research and education. 

I do think that more of the black community is starting to seek therapy, but like I, struggle with the questions of “How will I afford it, How do I find one, or find time to see one?” What most of us don’t realize is that our jobs offer mental health benefits, and that your insurance plan should have information regarding those benefits on their website. I know Cigna not only told me if mental health was covered but also directed me to a group of professionals that accepted my insurance. 

One day on Twitter I came across a tweet from @therapy4bgirls, “Therapy for Black Girls”. Omg, it changed my life. Therapy on social media and they have a podcast! Perfect for my busy life. And If you visit their website, it also directs you to hundreds of professionals by location, type of insurance, and specialty to help fit your needs. So do not be discouraged because there are many ways of receiving therapy, you just have to take the time to research and find what and who works for you. Reach out to those professionals and ask their rates and see if they can work with you, if you don’t think you can afford it. Or consider listening to podcasts or joining a community on Facebook. I think there’s also the misconception that you have to physically talk to someone for it to be considered “therapy” and that’s not the case at all. During the pandemic I listened to podcasts and journaled, that was my therapy. 

Everyone has found ways to make things virtual and accessible from home., especially since the pandemic. The year 2020 was definitely a time for therapy. People were laid off from their jobs, forced to quarantine, and of course the murder of George Floyd. While domestic violence cases were starting to increase, we also saw an influx of black patients seeking help for their mental health. It is so important for the black community to have a safe space, therefore we do need more black counselors, therapists, psychiatrists, and etc. Because only we understand the daily struggles of what it means to live as a Black Man or Woman. 

I would also recommend visiting this website (Mental Health America) because it puts things into perspective when it comes to the mental health of the black community and what factors affect our mental health. It’s very informational and we can start by educating ourselves until we build up the courage to find and support our black-owned therapy organizations. Because Black people DO go to therapy!


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Alford Wade, LPC | Contact:

Alondra Anderson, M.A,. LPC | Contact:

Alvin Snorton, LPC | Contact:

Amber Anderson, LPC | Contact:

Azure’ Smith Swan, LMSW | Contact:

Blessing Akinladenu, LMSW | Contact:

Bree Hearn, LPC | Contact:

Britje Montgomery, LPC | Contact:

Brittany Reynolds, M.S., LPC, NCC | Contact:

Carlstene Pryer, M.A., LPC | Contact:

Chinaka Agwu, LPC | Contact:

Coach Abby, Inc. Counseling Services | Contact:

Cori Hill, MS, LPC, LMFT, NCC | Contact:

Courtney Moore, LPC | Contact:

DeTrae Warren, LPC | Contact:

Devyn Walker, LPC, RYT | Contact:

DeWone Bennett Counseling | Contact:

Dr. Curtis Hill, EdD, MS, NCC | Contact:

Dr. Edna Chism Nicholas, LCSW-S, LCDC, CPC, PhD | Contact:

Dr. Jantel Jordan, PsyD | Contact:

Dr. Jarice Carr, PhD, Psychologist | Contact:

Dr. LaFonya Jones-Hines, PsyD, LPC, MA | Contact:

Dr. LaKeesha Easterling, EdD, MEd, NCC | Contact:

Dr. Marlene Williams, PhD, Psychologist | Contact:

Dr. Nichelle Wall, EdD, LPC-S, CST | Contact:

Dr. Reshaunda Strickland, PsyD, LPA, LPC, Psychologist | Contact:

Dr. Shyann Campana, PsyD | Contact:

Dr. Stacia’ Alexander, LPC-S | Contact:

Dr. Tiffany Young, PhD, LPC-S | Contact:

Dr. Trillion Small, LMFT-S | Contact:

Dr.Crystal Robinson, Psy. D. LMFT-S | Contact:

Eternal Bliss Holistic Therapy | Contact:

Genniffer Williams, LPC | Contact:

Graceful Journey Counseling | Contact:

Infinite Perceptions Counseling & Consulting | Contact:

Intrinsic Motivation Counseling Services | Contact:

Jarah Boyce, LMSW | Contact:

Jasmine Webbs, LCSW, CLC | Contact:

Jazmine Hawkins, LPC | Contact:

Kamitra Scott, LMSW, LCDC-I | Contact:

Katherine Crooms, LCSW | Contact:

Kevin Lambert, Psy.D., MBA | Contact:

Lakeita Roberts Cook, LPC | Contact:

Latasha S. Davis, Psychotherapist, LCSW | Contact:

LaTreece Ross, M.Ed., LPC | Contact:

Litza Bodden, LPC-S | Contact:

Lonnie R. Neal , MA, LPC, LPHA, QMHP-CS, QIDP | Contact:

Melodi Parker, M.Ed., LPC-S, NCC | Contact:

Michael Anthony Johnson Sr., MSW, LMSW | Contact:

Miriam Boateng, LPC | Contact:

Najja Cummings, MA, LMHC, LPC | Contact:

Nathalia Osby, M.A, LPC | Contact:

New Pathways Counseling, PLLC | Contact:

NRSH Wellness | Contact:–dallas-tx/462162?sid=628199c90aabf&ref=C011YG000B000300

Nykitia Ledbetter, LPC | Contact:

Patricia L. McGrew, MAPC, LPC | Contact:

Rod Warner Counseling | Contact:

Sage Therapy Group, PLLC | Contact:

Scott Davis Counseling Services | Contact:

Sedrick W Jackson, LCSW, ACC | Contact:

Shatoya Young Counseling | Contact:

Stacey Appiah-Opoku, M.A., LPC, NCC | Contact:

Tabatha Gunn, M.A., LPC-Supervisor | Contact:

Taran McGowen, MA, LPC | Contact:

Taylor Williams, LPC | Contact:

The Homegirl Therapist | Contact:

Theresa Bayley, MSW, LCSW | Contact:

Theresa Moody, MA, LPC | Contact:

Tiana Frazier | You & Me + Therapy | Contact:

Tiwana Bell, LCSW | Contact:

Transitions Counseling Associates DFW | Contact:

Tyler Clarke, M.S., LPC | Contact:

Vicki Smith-Lockhart, M.Ed., LPC | Contact:

Von Eaglin, M.Ed., LPC-S | Contact:

Wanda Hudson, M.Ed., LPC | Contact:

Your sista on the sofa | Contact:


Alicia Gilpin, M.A., LPC | Contact:

Ameerah Ali M.A., LPC | Contact:

Andranique Goodman, M.A., LPC | Contact:

Andrea Addie, LCSW | Contact:

April Davis, M.A., LPC | Contact:

Ariel Glaze, LPC | Contact:

Bijul Psychotherapy, PLLC | Contact:

Brandon L King, M.A., LPC | Contact:

Briana Eagleton, LCSW | Contact:

Brittany Harrell, MA, LPC | Contact:

Calm and Care Counseling, PLLC | Contact:

Chrismathe Lindsay, Ed.S, LPC, NCC | Contact:

Christopher Crawford Jr, M.A., LPC | Contact:

Complete New Care LLC | Contact:

Cosha Joseph, NCC, LPC | Contact:

Courtney Bradley-Ajiodo, MA, LPC, LCDC | Contact:

Dr. Angela Jones, PhD, LPC, CST-C | Contact:

Dr. Ashlie Llorens, PhD, LSSP, Psychologist | Contact:

Dr. Bernadette Smith, LPC-S, NCC | Contact:

Dr. Brandon Sylvester | Contact:

Dr. Cashuna Huddleston, PHD | Contact:

Dr. D Ivan Young, MCC, NBC-HWC | Contact:

Dr. Jasmine Boone Ed.D, LPC | Contact:

Dr. Renata Nero, PhD, Psychologist | Contact:

Dr. Sheila Jenkins, PHD | Contact:

Dr. TaTanisha Parker, LPC-S, NCC, CSC | Contact:

Eboni Harris, MA, LPC, LMFT | Contact:,_MA,_LPC,_LMFT

Ekow Kwakye, LPC | Contact:

Elisa Beagle, LPC | Contact:

Eliza Boquin, MA, LMF | Contact:

Freedom Psychotherapy & Wellness Services, PLLC | Contact:

Gardner Counseling Services | Contact:

Gladys A Wilson, MS, NCC, LPC | Contact:

Glenda Demas, MA, LPC, ACTP | Contact:

Hazel Camilla Hill, LPC, MA | Contact:

Houston Therapy for Women | Contact:

Inga K. Pinson, MA, LPC-S, LMFT-S | Contact:

Inherent Wellness, PLLC | Contact:

Jasmin James, LPC, LCDC, NCC | Contact:

Jessica E Guillory, LPC | Contact:

Jessica Walden-Glass, LPC, LCDC | Contact:

Joseph Ekwere, LMFT | Contact:

Juliette Eki, LMSW | Contact:

Justice Payne-Tyson, MS, LPC, CART | Contact:

K’Breaun Watkins, LCSW | Contact:

Kamau Richard, LPC | Contact:

Kamilah Thomas, MSW, LCSW-S | Contact:

Kashara Payne, M.S., LPC | Contact:

Kendra Scott, LPC | Contact:

Kenyon T. Arthur LPC, LSOTP | Contact:

Kervil Durand, LCSW, LCDC, CGSS, CART | Contact:

Lakeisha A. Williams, MA, LPC | Contact:

LaKendria Ellis, M.Ed, LPC | Contact:

Larry R. Bell Jr., LCMFT | Contact:

Latrice Wynne, M.Ed, LPC | Contact:

LiaSon Counseling Services | Contact:

Lindsey Cotton, LCSW-S | Contact:

Michelle Mitchell, MA, LMFT | Contact:

Misty Rivon, LCSW | Contact:

Monalisa Bryant, LPC | Contact:

Morganne Brownlee, LPC | Contact:

Nakita Bowman, MS, LPC | Contact:

Nkem Chinwah, MS., LMFT, LPC | Contact:

Oasis of Life Counseling | Contact:

Omar A Sesay, MEd, LPC-S, NCC | Contact:

Pinnacle of Purpose Counseling, PLLC | Contact:

Rae Garr, LPC-S | Contact:

Robert King, LCSW | Contact:

Sabastan Moore, MA, LPC | Contact:

Seigon Consulting PLLC | Contact:

Selenia Torres–Pellerin, M.A., LPC-S | Contact:

Sharvalla Hinton, MS, LPC | Contact:

Sherod B. Coleman, MA, LPC | Contact:

Sisily Rainey LPC, NCC | Contact:

Sonia L. Fields-de Pass MEd, LPC | Contact:

Tea Time Therapy, PLLC Shandelynn Hillard, LMFT | Contact:

Terri Adeshola, LPC | Contact:

The Murphy Wellness Retreat | Contact:

Theresa McKeel, MA, LPC, NCC | Contact:

Tiffany M. Saunders, LPC | Contact:

Torrenzo Moore, MA, LPC | Contact:


Trevor Young-Simon, MS, LPC | Contact:

Valerie Kuykendall-Rogers, MA, LPC-S | Contact:

Yolanda Brown, MA, LPC-S, LSOTP | Contact:

Yvonne Oke, LMFT | Contact:

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